Digital literacy for the teaching and learning of languages

Dear colleagues,

The European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) of the Council of Europe is pleased to announce the completion in both English and French of its e-lang resource website “Digital literacy for the teaching and learning of languages” (, an output of the ECML programme „Languages at the heart of learning” (2016-2019).

This website contains a rich variety of resources for language teachers, teacher educators and researchers. It provides the basis for a teaching methodology which integrates new technologies, combining interactional and cognitive dimensions to develop both communication skills and specific skills such as linguistic and intercultural skills.

We would be grateful if you could use your networks to spread the word about this new publication. We believe that particularly in these difficult times, when teachers and teacher educators are adapting to working with their students online, the resources and ideas on this website will give them inspiration and help them motivate their learners.

All you need to do is forward this email, deleting the text of the message before you press send. Your recipients will then only receive the embedded image.

Many thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Executive Director

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